Friday, May 24, 2013

Update to 'My Sarcoma' project

A few weeks ago I posted about my friend and neighbor, Ray Paul's battle with Sarcoma and his amazing response to it - to create art using histologic images of his own tumor.  Ray finished the first painting in the series and entered it into a contest, and it won!  You can see the contest - and Ray's finished painting, at the ArtSlant Competition website,

and here it is as well:

Ray Paul, "SP12-6796 x 40 - 3," acrylic, latex, enamel on canvas printed with a photographic image of the metastatic myxofibrosarcoma to my left lung, 26" x 36"  2013


He tells me he plans a total of 6 in this series (all quite different) and then hopes to exhibit them all at Moffitt and possibly take them on a tour of several cancer center's throughout the US with strong Sarcoma programs.  If you know of anyone interested, please do contact me or Ray.

As an aside, the TEDMED blog also ran a piece about this project.  Great exposure for art and healing.

You can follow Ray on twitter at @raypaul4 or see more of his work at his website,

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